HUB.CY .::. Cyprus’ role as a growing Tech.HUB within the EU

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HUB.CY .::. Cyprus’ role as a growing Tech.HUB within the EU

Free TAXI Signalgroup


1) The cab customer sends a simple Signal request (in DE or EN) with a Google Maps or OpenStreetMap "pickup and destination point" to the CAB.CY Signal group.

2) The cab driver responds with an offer in a "Private Message" (PM) DIRECTLY to the cab customer. Everything else is also discussed via "Private Messages" (PM) between the customer and the cab driver in the Signal-App.

Simple & Free: It's as easy as writing messages, making phone calls or sending pictures. EVERYTHING is and always will be free. ✅

Privacy: All data of the conversation and also all metadata - who, when communicated with whom - remain private and encrypted on the cell phones of the cab driver and his customer. 🏝️

What is a Cab? The English term Cab is used for short-term hired transport services (Taxis). Cabs are most often booked online through web applications, mobile applications, or by phone call. The word "cab" comes from "cabriolet" (horse-drawn carriage). 🚘


Freie TAXI Signalgruppe


1) Der Taxikunde schickt eine einfache Signal Anfrage (in DE oder EN) mit einem Google Maps oder OpenStreetMap "Abhol- und Ziel-Punkt" in die CAB.CY Signal-Gruppe.

2) Der Taxifahrer antwortet mit einem Angebot in einer "Privaten Nachricht" (PN) DIREKT an den Taxikunden. Alles weitere wird ebenfalls über "Private Nachrichten" (PN) zwischen dem Kunden und dem Taxifahrer in der Signal-App besprochen.

Einfach & kostenlos: Es ist so einfach wie Nachrichten schreiben, telefonieren oder Bilder senden. ALLES ist und bleibt kostenlos. ✅

Privatsphäre: Alle Daten des Gespräches und auch alle Metadaten - wer, wann mit wem kommuniziert hat - bleiben privat und verschlüsselt auf den Handys des Taxifahrers und seinem Kunden liegen. 🏝️

Was ist ein Cab? Der englische Begriff Cab wird für kurzfristig angemietete Transportdienste (Taxis) verwendet. Cabs werden meist online über Webanwendungen, mobile Anwendungen oder per Telefonanruf gebucht. Das Wort "Cab" stammt von "Cabriolet" (Pferdekutsche). 🚘

Everything is one.

There are no coincidences. Everything is one. Everything is connected.


The Island of Cyprus (https://Island.CY) has two international airports. Ryanair mainly flies to Pafos. The Wizzair flies to Larnaca.

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Flüge Wien - Paphos vergleichen ab 13,59 € |
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Editor’s note: The post has been updated.

Fly to Pafos or Larnaca with EasyJet or

Find flights in Skyscanner: For example from Vienna to Paphos

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Live and work in the best possible environment for you. Live and work where you are welcome.

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Invest Cyprus: Bringing in developers for the Cyprus tech hub | Cyprus Mail
“If Cyprus is to be competitive in attracting international ICT companies, there must be a coordinated effort not only by the competent ministries’ departments and regulators, but also by the local industry and all related stakeholders. This is what happens in other EU countries, and, for the first …
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Take your chance: We offer now an IT professional a permanent full-time job. You leave and work in Cyprus. But we also need IT-Freelancers. Cyprus’ role as a growing HUB within the EU .::. Tech.HUB.CY .::. Office.HUB.CY .::. Freelancer.HUB.CY .::. Developer.HUB.CYIT Professional - Developer Job Paf…
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The real ROI in Cyprus

  • Cyprus: The real "Return On Investment":

Cyprus: A natural film studio

Cyprus' unique distinct natural beauty, its rich mythical and cultural heritage, its state-of-the art infrastructure, along with the whole range of incentives offered by the Government, classify the island as the ideal filming destination and the ideal center of your life.

Information Republic of Cyprus

This is a general presentation of Island Cyprus, its identity and how it was formed through the various periods of its history that marked it. Data are given on location, area, morphology, cities, population, climate, system of government, high standard of living of the people, tourism, transport and more. Source: Transvideo Ltd (2004) Video:

ferry.CY .::. GR > CY

For the first time in 21 years, a regular ferry for passengers, motorcycles and cars is sailing from Greece to Cyprus. This is the homepage of the ferry company of the new car ferry:

Here you can currently book the ferry from Greece in "Piraeus near Athens" to Cyprus in Limassol:!/ferrydestinations

Currently, the site is still very confusing. It is also possible that everything is already booked. It is best to communicate directly with the ferry company.

Here you can find the prices for passengers, two-wheelers and cars.!/guide/maritime


ferry.CY .::. GR > CY

Seit 21 Jahren fährt erstmals wieder regelmäßig eine Fähre für Passagiere, Motorräder und Autos von Griechenland nach Zypern. Das ist die Homepage des Fährunternehmens der neuen Autofähre:

Hier kann man aktuell die Fähre von Griechenland in "Piräus Nähe Athen" nach Zypern in Limassol buchen:!/ferrydestinations

Aktuell ist die Seite noch sehr unübersichtlich. Es ist auch gut möglich, dass schon alles ausgebucht ist. Am besten kommuniziert ihr aktuell direkt mit dem Fährunternehmen.

Hier findet ihr die Preise für Passagiere, Zweiräder und Autos:!/guide/maritime

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