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The HUB.CY media network is available to journalists, editors and freelancers: [Subscribe] (https://HUB.CY/contribute/#/portal/signup)

With the new version, all membership and subscription functions are integrated into the core system, which means that the features can be used in the new dashboard immediately after installation.

https://HUB.CY positions itself - as a HUB at the intersection between Europe, Asia and Africa - as an open "Publisher Partner Network" that advocates free journalism in a free and open world. ✅

There is currently no other option that is so strictly geared towards a content business. So if you are toying with your own publishing business, the cooperation with the HUB.CY media network should be at the top of the list.

With its focus on professional publishers, https://HUB.CY is dedicated to a target group that makes completely new demands on a CMS. For publisher professionals and freelancers - in addition to the publication of content - the monetization of content is a primary goal.

.::. https://HUB.CY for free publishers ✅

It is ironic that the needs of professional writers and publishers were barely addressed by most content management systems in the past. In the meantime, however, there is an increased focus in this direction.


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